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WeTheNorth Market or just WTN market is a popular online store in Canada (among Darknet users, of course) that sells medicines and potent substances without any prescription or medical opinion. In our brief review, we will look at the main advantages of WeTheNorth Market, and its characteristics, and also share our general impression of this place.

WTN Market onion link


What is WeTheNorth Market(WTN market)?

While researching the darknet for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, we stumbled upon this store that offers drugs for every taste. WeTheNorth Market was launched in 2021, primarily targeting the Canadian market. Sending goods to other countries is not allowed. The site interface is available exclusively in English or French. The site has photos of many drugs prohibited for sale, as well as potent drugs (mainly on the central nervous system). Their use gives a different range of sensations: from euphoria to a feeling of cheerfulness.

WeTheNorth Market is approached by those who urgently need such substances. It is absolutely safe and anonymous, and it also does not pose any threat of breaking the law if you order from this site correctly. To ensure anonymity, the data of sellers and buyers are not revealed, and a crypto wallet is used as a payment method. Wtn.png

Is It Safe To Use WeTheNorth Market?

The purpose of the store is to provide a safe environment so that Canadians can shop safely, without fraud, and away from street violence, drugs, and other items that are more powerful, cleaner, and safer to use. Please note that WeTheNorth Market does not force or force you to buy products from their site. The purchase of drugs is solely your personal, conscious choice. When ordering here, you must assess the risks and anticipate possible problems, as well as ways to solve them. WeTheNorth Market is not responsible for your actions.

The purchase of substances here is completely anonymous; no one will require your full name, passport details, or other confidential information. However, the store only accepts cryptocurrency and not fiat currency. First, it's much more convenient. Secondly, it guarantees your privacy and security.

WeTheNorth Market Rules

Before ordering something from here, you should know the rules that his spot has. Here's the most important of them:

  1. Rule. WeTheNorth Market is a Canadian marketplace; drug delivery outside of Canada is not allowed. The sale or delivery of any non-Canadian items is not permitted.
  2. Rule. Sharing any 3rd party contact information like ICQ, Jabber, Telegram, Wickr, etc. messengers is not allowed. Asking the supplier/client for his ICQ, Jabber, TELEGRAM, WICKR, or any other direct contact is totally prohibited. Otherwise, it may lead to the immediate deletion and immediate blocking of your account.
  3. Rule. With any notification of fraud, the site administrator has the right to revoke your supplier account at any time.
  4. Rule. Trading or selling links that are not links to WeTheNorth Market is not allowed.
  5. Rule. All merchants are required to have a PGP key in their account if they want to work with WeTheNorth Market.
  6. Rule. Prostitution, child porn, fentanyl, and murder services are absolutely prohibited.
  7. Rule. Any dox threat is unacceptable.
  8. Rule. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for all drug providers.
  9. Rule. Suppliers must accurately describe their products in catalogs so buyers don't have questions.
  10. Rule. Digital orders are automatically completed after 48 hours and physical orders are automatically completed after 14 days.
  11. Rule. Filling out feedback forms are not allowed, as well as testimonials.
  12. Rule. Supplier fee is non-refundable. This is done in order to protect the market from scammers.
  13. Rule. Are not allowed to be sold any weapons or explosives included in the list.
  14. Rule. Terrorism is not permitted in WeTheNorth Market.

WeTheNorth Market Advantages

WeTheNorth Market is a trusted source of over-the-counter medicines. Here are the main advantages of this point:

Anonymity. No one will ever know that you used the services of this store and ordered something. Order history is not collected, sellers know nothing about you (just as you know nothing about them), and your home address is kept private. The administration of the store is primarily interested in anonymity and always provides it. Convenience. It is easy to access the site through the TOR browser, and you can place an order using the virtual storefront. To ensure security, only cryptocurrency is used; fiat money is prohibited. Strict rules. WeTheNorth Market enforces all rules and severely punishes both sellers and buyers. Fraud, terrorism, and the sale of illegal items (with the exception of drugs) are prohibited. You can notify the administration about the violation at any time. Clear design and interface. It's worth saying right away that using the store's functionality is quite pleasant: the colors are chosen succinctly, the store is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, and the order completion procedure itself is very clear. It has many languages. You can complete your order in both English and French. Great variety of products. The store has more than a thousand items.

Disadvantages of the WeTheNorth Market

However, WeTheNorth Market has its drawbacks. They are not critical, but for some users, they are an obstacle:

For Canadian citizens only. If you live in the UK, Argentina, or other countries, then you will not be able to order anything from here. Sending goods to other countries is prohibited. Because it is quite difficult (almost impossible) to safely deliver goods across an international border. As a result, the WeTheNorth Market is limited to Canada. Accepts only two types of cryptocurrency. These are BTC and XMR. There is a lot of demand. Some items may not be available due to high demand. In this situation, it is worth waiting for new deliveries from the seller.

How to Work with WeTheNorth Market as a Seller

WeTheNorth Market is a dark web marketplace where users can not only buy but also trade. If you have themed products, then, in theory, you can become a seller too. However, not everything is so simple: you must be reliable, ensure your own safety, and be sure that such activities will not cause harm. To sell your own creations, you need to create an account on the platform and create a card for each position. You need to come up with a detailed description and accompany each product with a picture. You also need to follow the rules of the platform, otherwise, you can get a ban. Payment is made only to the cryptocurrency wallet. If users often complain about you, then you risk your own reputation. Otherwise, your seller account will be blocked permanently.

WTN Website Design

We should also mention the design of the store. It is made in neutral colors, and the color scheme does not interfere with the assimilation of information. Interviews contain all the necessary functions: creating a personal account, placing and paying for an order, and viewing all kinds of drugs. Before buying, you can learn in detail about the type of product; read its description; delivery rules; and features. It is worth saying that the interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements; everything is done simply and understandably for any user. However, for such a place, a beautiful view is not as important as security, anonymity, and product quality. With all this, the WeTheNorth Market is in perfect order.

How to Get Access to the WeTheNorth Market?

Remember that WeTheNorth Market is an unusual store, which is why it is on the dark web. It will not be accessible via Safari, Google Chrome, or other browsers, even via VPN. To do this, you will have to use the TOR browser—it is free and available for download on the official website.

When using TOR browser, be sure that it guarantees you complete anonymity and security. To view the WeTheNorth Market store, follow this link http://hn2paw7zpqvofsxzwooijoutg3od3vfziqpybrqqycvfnb6jayg4j4qd.onion/

WeTheNorth Market Facts in Brief

Official clearnet website https://wtncanada.com/ For Canadians only. It only ships to Canada. It accepts Bitcoin and Monero. available only via TOR. Takeaway

In this brief review, we reviewed the main characteristics of the WeTheNorth Market darknet marketplace. We liked it because it guarantees security and anonymity for everyone: both sellers and buyers. You can access the site only through the TOR browser and crypto wallet. However, the only minus is that citizens of any country other than Canada cannot use the services of this marketplace. This option is only available to Canadian citizens. But putting that aside, WeTheNorth Market is generally a pleasant and safe place to shop for medicines.