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HackTown is a place where you can learn specific skills in hacking and fraud giving you the knowledge and tools needed to become a professional cybercriminal in 2022. The internet has a lot of information on cybercrime about hacking, carding, bank account fraud, etc. that would easily overwhelm me back in the day which interfered with my devious hacking goals. I needed something that would teach me the techniques, tactics, and procedures used by successful cybercriminals in such a way that was easy to learn without the bullshit. You will be shown step by step on how to operate anonymously online, how to hack Wi-Fi networks around you, and how to compromise an individual or organization with malware (RAT, ransomware, steal data, etc.) along with how to commit online fraud and then some. Each course is relevant to a specific topic geared towards hacking for profit or committing online fraud which are designed to build you up from ground zero to eventually arming you with the knowledge needed to become a professional cybercriminal.


HackTown Membership Includes:[edit]

  • Access to HackTown forums designed strictly around the courses released.
  • Revenue generated from membership fees goes back into the HackTown community through R&D.
  • Every cybercriminal needs an arsenal. Arm yourself with tested and true malware listed at The Armory.
  • Freen invite codes for places and resources such as MagBo, Benumb, and more!
  • When available you'll be able to purchase:

☉ Ransomware ☉ Remote Access Trojans (RAT) and other commercial RATs. ☉ Crypters ☉ Password stealers ☉ Keyloggers ☉ Credit Cards ☉ Accounts