Why do people use the darknet?

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To hide your identity:

  • People may not want their data collected
  • It's popular among civil liberties groups, journalists, and those who maintain online privacy.
  • They don't want to be found (they may be criminals or want to engage in criminal activity)
  • They want access to questionable content
  • They want to use hidden services - although TOR itself is not hidden, the sites and users under it are hidden under layers of darknet encryption.

For criminal purposes:

  • Black market trading
  • Buying illegal goods (e.g., weapons/drugs)
  • Participating in forums and media exchanges for pedophiles and terrorists

People use the darknet for a variety of reasons, some legitimate and some illegal. The darknet is a part of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines and requires special software, such as the Tor browser, to access. Here are some common reasons why people use the darknet:

  * Anonymity: One of the main reasons people use the darknet is to remain anonymous. The Tor network, which powers the darknet, is designed to provide users with privacy and security by encrypting and routing their internet traffic through a series of servers around the world, making it difficult to trace their activities.
   *Free Speech: Some people use the darknet to exercise their freedom of speech and express opinions that may be censored or restricted in their home countries. The darknet provides a platform for free speech where people can share information and ideas without fear of persecution.
   *Privacy: The darknet is often used by people who are concerned about their online privacy and want to avoid being tracked or monitored by government agencies, corporations, or hackers.
   *Access to Restricted Information: The darknet also provides access to information that may be restricted or censored on the regular internet, such as government documents, leaked data, and other sensitive information.
   *Illegal Activities: Unfortunately, the darknet is also known for facilitating illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, weapons sales, hacking, and child pornography. These activities are made possible by the anonymity and privacy offered by the darknet, which makes it difficult for law enforcement to track down and prosecute perpetrators. It's important to note that these activities are not condoned and are illegal.