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Vice City onion link


Clearnet url: (Use only if the onion site is under a ddos attack)

While researching online dark web marketplaces that allow you to buy drugs without a prescription, we found the Vice City Market. This site positions itself as number one among all such projects on the dark web. Vice City Market delivers a wide range of drugs completely securely and anonymously.

Read on to find out why Vice City Market is so good, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and also what nuances should be considered before buying here.

What is Vice City Market?

Launched in 2020, Vice City has become much more well-known and is now regarded as a generally reliable marketplace. Taking into account all the features, design, and user interface, Vice City is one of the greatest marketplaces open this year. Fun fact: this market is named after the Rockstar game, GTA Vice City. This place offers a variety of medical supplies, antidepressants, drugs, and marijuana to buy. All you need is to access the dark web through a special browser and have a cryptocurrency wallet. No prescription or doctor's advice is needed.

The majority of them are concerned with medicines and pharmaceuticals. It is therefore one of the smaller markets that we have examined. However, throughout the first half of 2021, there has unquestionably been an increase in users. It appears as though the market is even expanding significantly. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the sellers appear to be headquartered in the EU. However, there are also a lot of U.S.-based suppliers. Although some retailers provide worldwide shipping, it's always a good idea to buy locally when you can.


What Can I Buy at Vice City Market?

Unlike other markets, Vice City Market specializes more in the sale of narcotic drugs than in other types of "prohibited" goods. You can find anything here-vendors, and not the site itself, are responsible for the availability of specific goods.

All standard illegal drugs are available here:

MDMA/ecstasy, opioids, benzodiazepines, hallucinogens, cannabis, cocaine LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT.

The dark web market places little to no restrictions on the variety of meds that vendors can sell, but there is an exception: you won't be able to find fentanyl or fentanyl analogs here.

There are other categories of goods prohibited for sale. Here they are:

Pornography any type. Even accounts created for its distribution are blocked. Weapons. Here it is not at all. Doxxing. Such services are not provided here. Stolen data The stolen data of people under the age of 21 in particular is particularly concerning. Contract killings. Such rigid services are not provided here.

The Vice City darknet market moderators state that the reason they have banned the following products and services is to reduce the risk to innocent people. Other products that are not on the prohibited list can be purchased.

Advantages of the Vice City Market

Well, let's analyze the main advantages of Vice City Market:

The large variety of drugs. You can find anything here (with the exception of the drugs that we described above). Convenient directory. Products in it can be searched through the search and sorted by any criteria through a special tool. This makes the buying process much easier. Safety. Vice City Market does not require confidential information and is generally safe to use. It accepts popular cryptocurrencies. In this store, you can pay with Bitcoin or Monero. Nice design and simple interface. The usage of the market site is very convenient and visually understandable. Disadvantages of the Vice City Market

Now let's look at the main disadvantages:

Bad support. It can be said that it is practically absent here. The support service takes a very long time to contact, gives vague answers, and in principle, it is useless. A few categories. Vice City Market specializes in the sale of drugs only. It is unlikely to find other products here. Lots of negative reviews. Despite the fact that users generally speak well of this market, there are reports that Vice City Market is a scam. So it is quite possible that this is true. Vice City Market Design and Interface

Vice City's market has a nice appearance. The market is patterned after Vice City, a well-known city from the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series. The market's user interface is contemporary and attractive. The market theme is dark by default, which is considerably easier. The market's UI is really useful. There is a top bar that houses the site navigation and account settings. Another bar may be found on the left side. This one has a search query and all of the market categories in addition to all the filter choices.

In general, using the site is very convenient and pleasant. Pages load quickly, the site is not overloaded with unnecessary elements, and everything is done with high quality and concisely. Sometimes there are friezes and lags, but they depend more on the browser version and Internet speed than on the site itself.

Vice City Market Rules

Before ordering from Vice City Market, you must learn a few rules. If you violate them, your account will be blocked:

Do not distribute pornography. Also, you can not trade it on the site. Such vendors will be blocked. You are not permitted to share or request information about yourself from other users. This is for your own safety. You are not permitted to communicate with users or vendors anywhere other than the marketplace site. Facebook, Telegram, and other messengers are prohibited. You can not sell items that are included in the list of "prohibited on the site." If the user notices one in the catalog, he should report this fact to support.

Is It Safe to Buy Here?

As Vice City Market says, you shouldn't worry about your privacy. Vice City is an all-inclusive market. There is every feature needed for the safest and most convenient purchasing experience. Both Bitcoin and Monero are included in the list of the market's supported currencies. On the market, built-in wallets are available, but they can be disregarded by placing a purchase directly. Both conventional escrow and more sophisticated multi-signature escrow are supported. 2FA logins are an option for increased security, and messages exchanged over the internet are encrypted. Both security features encrypt data using PGP and require a public key. So don't worry about your personal data – everything about you is truly safe. No one will ever know that you used Vice City's services, as well as your real name and home address.

However, some users note that it is not worth ordering here. Reports that users have been scammed after using the site are common. As many say, orders are not received, there are a lot of scammers, and there is no support from the market at all. Several consumers have complained about not receiving their items and not obtaining refunds. According to several reports, it used to be a reliable darknet market but has subsequently transformed into an exit scam. Vice City is a questionable and low-quality game in general. It takes cryptocurrencies as payment for orders but does not always fulfill them.

How to Get Access to the Vice City Market?

To start ordering at the Vice City market, access to the regular Internet is not enough. First of all, you need to get access to the dark web. This can be done through a special TOR browser and an onion link. Neither Safari nor Google Chrome will work. You can download TOR on the official website absolutely free of charge on any device.

After opening the TOR browser, enter the onion link that leads to the Vice City Market website.

Here it is: http://vice222ts6qpamx6gnh66734eykn2mzckxbp72jpj5tqgxofdm6x54yd.onion/

By the way, you can also find it on the Internet by simply entering a query into Google. After gaining access to the site, you can create an account at Vice City Market and start ordering. For payment, you will need a crypto wallet. If it is not there, then urgently create it. To complete the order, all you need to do is simply transfer money to the vendor's crypto wallet. After that, the order will be considered paid and will be processed.

Vice City Market In a Brief

  • Opening date: May 25, 2020
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, XMR
  • Escrow and Multisig: Yes.
  • 2FA: Yes
  • Delivery: US and Europe
  • Final thoughts

In this article, we looked at what Vice City Market sells, what advantages it has, and why it is worth ordering here. But remember the most important thing: the administration of the market provides maximum anonymity and security, but you should not rely only on it. Be careful and keep yourself safe. Vice City Market does not force or impose on you the purchase of medicines from the catalog in the same way as this article. These are actions you perform yourself, completely meaningfully. Our content and Vice City Market are not responsible for the results of your actions.