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Darkfox Market onion link


Launched in 2020, DarkFox Market describes itself as a unique and innovative darknet store where every buyer can feel safe and anonymous. In today's review, we will find out why DarkFox Market is so special, what benefits and disadvantages it has, and also what you should remember before ordering from here.

What Exactly Is the DarkFox Market?

DarkFox Marked was founded back in 2020, and now it is considered to be one of the most popular markets on the darknet. According to the statistics, it has more than 700 vendors. By the way, the vendor bond here is only $150, while other markets ask for much bigger numbers. Anyway, the large number of vendors here makes buying in DarkFox Market safer.

The gallery of products in the DarkFox market has more than 7K items, so everybody can find here something interesting. In comparison to other markets on Darknet, this one has friendly support and an easy account registration procedure. Obviously, to shop here, you have to use a TOR browser. The onion link can be easily found on Google.

The DarkFox Market is really popular – it has more than 80k active buyers. The interface is available in English, and the delivery can be done worldwide. The only payment method there is BTC, so keep that in mind before you decide to shop on DarkFox Market.


What Can I Buy Here?

DarkFox is not the usual market, so you can buy here only things that are illegal. There are about 7K items here, and all of them are sorted into various categories. Here they are:

Meds and drugs. Here you can find various things that affect your central nervous system and bring feelings of happiness and euphoria. It can be anything, from Xanax and marijuana to oxycodone and hydrocodone. All these things are available without your doctor's permission. Pornography of any type, except those that contain the participation of children and minors. Despite the fact that this is a dark net, even such things are prohibited here. Guides and tutorials. The second most popular category that is in demand on this site books. Fraud. Stolen maps, leaked data, and other interesting things that you may need for some reason. Software. programs for account hacking and data theft. Digital products. There are so many of them here that if you describe everything, it will not be possible to do it briefly. Counterfeit is a category that is divided into various subcategories. It contains items that have been taken from other people.

As you can see, such things cannot be found in the usual marketplaces but can be bought on DarkFox. The variety of items depends on the vendors' offers.

Benefits of the DarkFox Market

Well, DarkFox is another marketplace on the darknet. But what makes it special? At least these are the benefits:

Ease of registration. Getting access to DarkFox is very easy because it features a simple account creation algorithm. A large number of goods. Positions appear here every day, offering buyers a large selection. Anonymity No one will ever know that you bought something from here, as no one on this platform will know your real name. Return policy Almost every product can be returned if there is something wrong with it. Usually, the vendor warns about this in advance. Please note that not all items can be returned. You can find out more on the DarkFox Market website itself. Positive feedback In general, customers respond well to both the work of the store and the quality of goods. The chance of being deceived here is minimal. Responsive support. If you have problems with an order or account, you can always contact support. Employees at DarkFox Market are always ready to solve your problems. Fraud punishment If DarkFox notices fraudulent vendors, it will block the account and will not allow trading here anymore. The market cares about the safety of its users and does everything to prevent fraud.

Website Design

If you visit DarkFox Market for the first time, you will notice that it has a rather nice design. Pastel colors do not distract from the assortment and do not hide the necessary buttons. Everything is done very simply, but at the same time, it is concise and pleasant.

DarkFox Market Rules

Remember that not everything can be bought here in the DarkFox Market. Here is the list of items that are PROHIBITED here:

bestiality or child pornography weapons, ammunition, explosives, or poisons Murder for hire living creatures, including their body parts and organs (humans and animals alike).

Such things are prohibited in every normal market, including the DarkFox one. Keep in mind that if you see something from this list in DarkFox's catalog, you should immediately tell the market support about it. They will block this vendor's account and will never ever let them use this platform.

When using DarkFox, you must remember that it is forbidden to contact the seller (as well as the seller with you) outside the market, for example, on FB or Telegram. You cannot share personal information, as this is primarily a risk to your security. Payment must be made only through a crypto wallet and nothing else.

How to Make an Order Here?

First of all, you should create an account here. Don't worry, it is very easy. Just follow these instructions:

Go to the DarkFox Market website through the TOR browser. Register: create a username, PIN, and password, and enter the captcha. If available, enter your referral link. Your mnemonic should be written down and kept somewhere secure. If something goes wrong, you can only recover your account using this word combination. To log in, enter your credentials and the captcha.

Then, you need to change your PGP settings to reach the enhanced security level:

Select the PGP tab by going to your account name. In the appropriate text box, paste your public PGP key. Click "Add key." Use your PGP software to decrypt the message in the text field to obtain a verification code. Press the "Verify key" button. Go to the "2FA" area (it's immediately after the PGP one) and turn on 2FA to make it extra difficult for hackers, invaders, and other bad people to access your account. The process for logging in now also includes decrypting a message using your private PGP key, in addition to your normal credentials.

If you've already decided what you're going to buy, you may deposit money by selecting the Wallet tab:

Copy your bitcoin link, then transfer funds from your own e-wallet to it. Make sure you send exactly the right quantity of bitcoin to pay your costs, including the fee (the minimum deposit is 5.0E-5 BTC). Try not to deposit more money than is necessary to reduce the danger of losing money in the event of an exit fraud or other unforeseen tragedy (the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC). Watch for two network confirmations. Check your balance to determine whether the transaction is finished.

How to pay in the DarkFox Market?

You can play only through BTC and your inner wallet. You must fund your account with a deposit that will be enough to pay for your expenses before placing an order. If you confirm your purchase, the necessary amount will be charged instantly if you have enough money in your built-in wallet.

Escrow. Traditional or Multisig

The funds are kept in the platform's unique escrow account once they leave your account until the order is marked as finished. Traditional and Multisig Escrow is different in that the latter requires 2 out of 3 participants to sign in order for the money to be released and moved.

In general, the site doesn't have many strict requirements for its merchants. It welcomes merchants that only sell a single product in other markets. Escrow will therefore undoubtedly end up being your first choice for the majority of purchases. Additionally, using a Multisig method greatly increases your chances of receiving a refund in the event that something goes wrong with the seller or the marketplace.

All escrow orders are automatically completed after seven days plus the maximum shipment time. Nevertheless, make an effort to designate the order as finished as soon as you receive your shipment. It is rude to make sellers wait for their justly earned cash.

If you have issues with your order or delivery, you should first speak with the vendor. Open a disagreement if you are unable to come to an understanding. The case will be adjudicated by a panel of DarkFox moderators who will serve as mediators between all parties.

DarkFox Market Overview

Let's summarize all the information we mentioned above:

Acceptable cryptography: BTC (Bitcoin). Vendor bond: $150. Language: English. Delivery: depends on a specific item, but is usually worldwide. Fee commission: 5% (traditional escrow) and 4% (multisig escrow). Withdrawal commission: 1%. 2FA: yes. Conclusion

Now you know a little bit about DarkFox Market and what advantages it has. Keep in mind that this place is safe in itself, but you should be careful while making an order if you want to work with trusted vendors and not fake ones. Remember that only you are responsible for all the actions you take, not the vendors or DarkFox Market.