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A few days ago, we were looking for opportunities of buying medicines without a prescription in the dark web. We came across the Archetyp market — and now, we'd like to share with you the basic information and our impartial opinion about this platform. It's a drug-only market that offers Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids and Dissociatives. Archetyp was launched in 2020. Since then, it has established an impeccable reputation for itself but hasn't become a large-scale business. It remains a medium-sized market with rather simple functionality and a not-too-extensive product range. XMR is the only cryptocurrency that is used for processing transactions — but you can deposit other coins too. Let's have a look at what Archetyp can offer to clients and how it differentiates itself from its competitors.

What's So Special About Archetyp

"Welcome to a place dedicated to you" — this is how this market greets its clients. It operates under the motto "Market. Idea exchange. A place to grow."

The following types of behavior are not allowed on the platform:

  • Insults
  • Racism
  • Attempts to sell poisons, weapons or porn
  • Scam and fraud
  • Doxing (publicly exposing someone's personal data without this person's consent)
  • Generally evil and aggressive behavior

Archetyp operates in the UTC timezone. It supports two languages, English and German. Most vendors are located in Europe, Australia and the US. Many European vendors are from Sweden. Since Monero is not a stablecoin, its cost might fluctuate over time. For customers' convenience, this website displays all prices in EUR.

This market stands out from the rest thanks to the remarkably simple process of deleting accounts. When you feel like getting rid of yours, you just go to the settings and do it without third-party help. The administration won't ask you any questions.

Another characteristic trait of Archetyp is the gaming component. Here, you can wager on the market, social events and politics. You may try to predict whether the market will retire, go bust or turn out to become a fraud.

When this project was just taking off, it managed to attract clients of larger markets that unexpectedly shut down. It caused ambiguous reactions. Archetyp was subject to multiple DDoS attacks. Its users complained about outages and slower load times. Over time, it managed to overcome these issues.

Design of the Market

Style-savvy markets enable their clients to switch between the daytime and nighttime modes. Archetyp makes one step further and features the nighttime mode by default. Its color palette is based on various shades of grey. Its design is minimalistic and at the same time very up-to-date. It's an aesthetic pleasure to browse the web pages of this market.

As for navigation, it's rather conventional and predictable. In this aspect, Archetyp sticks to the principle "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". There is a main horizontal menu at the top of the page. The buttons that let you manage your account are located in the right-upper part of the screen. Product filters are situated in the left column. Large and colorful product photos occupy the larger part of the screen. You'll quickly find what you want. Archetyp.png

How to Access Archetype

Just like all the other darknet markets, this one is located in the .onion domain zone. You would fail to access this zone through a regular web browser, such as Google Chrome or Opera. You'll need to install TOR. It's available for free and compatible with different desktop and mobile operating systems.

To obtain a working link to the market, visit the web page. There, you'll discover an .onion address, in which a few letters are replaced with the ### symbols. On the same page, there will be an image with two series of letters and numbers combinations. Your task is to read the image and replace the ### symbols with the proper letters. This will be your link to the Archetyp market.

However, you won't be able to access the products on sale without completing the registration. You'll be required to indicate the following details:

  • Display name
  • Login name
  • Password
  • PIN
  • Referral (optional)

To complete the process of creating an account, click on the circle with a cut in the lower part of the form. Before doing so, please double-check whether the address in your browser's bar corresponds with the letters and numbers provided in the lowest part of the registration form.

To be allowed to place an order, it's necessary to set up your PGP public key. It's very easy. You can configure your key on the Settings page.

How to Place an Order

Even though we said that Archetyp is a Monero-only market, customers can deposit various cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, ZEC and XMR. All of them will be automatically converted into XMR. On the one hand, you'll need to pay a service fee for that — but it will be a very small sum. To avoid paying this fee, you can deposit Monero. On the other hand, such an approach allows for avoiding expenses on cross-blockchain transfers. Please be ready to wait for up to half an hour until the Monero network validates the transaction and lets you use your funds for purchases.

The process of placing an order is intuitive:

  • Select a product
  • Click the Buy button on its listing page
  • Specify the required amount
  • Encrypt your shipping details with the vendor's PGP key
  • Paste your shipping details into the appropriate field
  • Confirm the order

To import the vendor's PGP key, click the "PGP key for (Vendor's name)" link. Without this security measure, you won't be able to finalize the order.

By default, the vendor should deliver the purchase to you within one week. Yet in fact, you might need to wait a bit longer. If something goes wrong, you have a chance to initiate a dispute. Alternatively, you may try to discuss the matter with the vendor directly, without attracting the attention of the administration.


Unlike other markets, Archetyp lacks BTC multisig and other sophisticated options. Some skeptics perceive it as a bad sign. They suspect the owners don't want to invest too much time and effort into the project's development because, in the future, it will turn out to be an exit scam. To back up this opinion, they point to the relatively slow speed of the market's development. During two years and a half, it had enough time to grow into one of the largest dark web markets.

Others state it's just a conspiracy theory. Many exit scams were developing very quickly in their first couple of years. The owners of some scam projects equipped them with the most advanced features to produce a good impression on the audience. So far, there have been no tell-tale signs that could have revealed Archetyp's perspectives with great accuracy.

Product Range

Archetyp offers Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids and Dissociatives. Some product categories tend to feature many more items than others. The cannabis category, for instance, features several subcategories and generates the highest demand. Opiates, stimulants, MDMA and ecstasy are popular as well. Meanwhile, other categories might at times contain just a handful of products or no products at all.

The search filters are located in the left column. This type of layout is rather conventional — but the filters themselves deserve praise for being handy and efficient. They allow you to sort the items by the following parameters:

  • Vendor
  • Category
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Minimum amount
  • Unit
  • Price range

Plus, you can search for products by typing in their names.

Product cards are visually appealing and display the most necessary information at a glance. Each card shows a large photo of the product, the name of the vendor, type of deal (such as escrow), country of origin, destinations where the purchase can be shipped, amount/quanity and price range. You can filter the offers within the chosen category by rating or popularity or watch them randomly.

Key Facts About Archetyp

Let's sum up the most important facts about this market:

  • Years of establishment - 2020
  • Languages - English and German
  • Currencies - XMR
  • How many listings - Around 2,000
  • Listing categories - Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelic, Prescriptions, Steroids, Dissociatives
  • How many vendors - Around 500
  • How many users - Around 40,000
  • Vendor bond - 300 EUR
  • Site wallet - Yes
  • Direct pay - Available
  • PGP - Mandatory for vendors
  • 2FA - Mandatory for vendors
  • FE - Only for trusted vendors
  • Multisig - No
  • Bug Bounty Program - Yes
  • Affiliate - By request

Archetyp is a relatively young medium-sized market. Its primary target audience is those who would like to purchase cannabis, MDMA, ecstasy, opiates and stimulants. This platform allows customers to deposit with various cryptocurrencies but automatically converts them all into XMR. Most vendors are located in Europe, Australia and the US. Even though Archetype's functionality might seem a bit too basic, the audience of this platform keeps on expanding. Feel free to sign up for this market too! You'll appreciate its stylish night-mode design, handy product filters and overall ease of use.